Earth Day Blog Train.

Do you know that you can help Mother Earth by having at least one meatless day a week? Not only can going meatless for a day reduce your consumption of saturated fat by 15% and reduce your chances of heart disease and even cancer, but it can likewise lower greenhouse gasses. This is just one of the things that stuck on me while I was watching an episode of Oprah for Earth Day. I think this is a really good thing, as aside from having healthier meals, you can also help the environment. If only I can convince DH to go totally meatless, and get me one of those treadmills I saw online, then the whole family can try to live as healthy as we can. Hee-hee

Annyway speaking of Earth Day, I chanced upon this Earth Day blog train.


You can download these freebies from from >

Easter Blog Trains.

This Sunrise Sorbet blog train is hosted by Sunshine Studio Scraps. Visit their blog to get the links to these pretty blog train freebies.

This is Spring Picnic blog train from Stuff to Scrap. Click here to the links to the freebies.

Sunshine Blog Train.

The designers of Sunshine Studio Scraps are having a blog train again. It’s called Shamrock Blog Train. Below are just some of the goodies they are giving away for free.


Head on to Sunshine Studio Blog to get the links of the designers participating in the blog train. And as they say, enjoy your ride on the blog train and happy scrapping.

Scrapbooking Freebies.

Project 365 Template 6
Template Tuesdays
Template 49

Birthday Freebie
Sweet Serenity

Love is in the Air
Green Romance
Sweet Harmony

Mini Mini Kit
Waiting For Spring
Wishing For Spring
PS I Love You

Get these and more sunny kits from Sunshine Studio Scraps blog train here.

Christmas Blog Train.

This is the Blog Train Blog’s December 2009 train. The theme is Holiday Sugar Cookie. Below are just some of the free kits. You can check the entire train here.


Blog Train.

I haven’t been searching for and posting freebies in awhile. I have been a little preoccupied with personal things. Anyway, I saw some really nice freebies today, including two blog trains. Today is pretty productive day. I got to blog a little. I got to post some photos in Flickr {more for upload tomorrow}. I got read some adipex reviews as a favor for my SIL. And I got to post a lot of freebies.

Anyway for the blog trains.

Morning Solitude from Stuff To Scrap Blog Train.
From Nibbles Skribbles
From Mad Genius Designs
From Farrah Smith Designs

Trick or Treat Blog Train from Scrapartist.
From Laurie Ann
From Eclectic Designs
From Nancie Janitz

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