And just like that, the first two months of the year are over. And we now welcome March. It’s DS’s birthday month. We have something planned, as always. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it pushes through. Soon it’s going to be summer break. I’m afraid I haven’t planned any activity for DS this summer – yet! I hope to find a good music class, so we can use the yamaha piano we have at home. But we are actually leaning towards sports activities. DS badly needs that one as he can be clumsy and lazy at times. He needs to get energized.

Art Journal.

My wish and frustration. I’ve made a few attempts, but doodling or art journaling isn’t for me.

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My Office Space.

I am once again in the process of reorganizing my workspace. I thought I liked a magnetic board to hang my to-do’s and stuff. Now I had to let that one go. I think I just made my space look cluttered with all the papers posted on it. Now I got myself shelves. It used to be just one, but then I thought putting a pair will look nicer and more balanced. So we got one more. Now I need to get ovis 22″ drawer slides and a few more boxes to make my things look neater.

Planner and Stickers.

Sometimes I am tempted to do this.

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On Parties.

A rock star-theme party, or anything music-related, seems to be the popular theme for parties lately. I can’t keep track of how many rock-star parties we attended. But even if they have the same theme, each has its own special touch to it. The last one we attended, we happily did the photography too. It was quite special. I love the special song number of the pretty celebrant. The whole party was very coordinated too. From keyboards and drum set, to VIP pass for the kiddies, music-themed cakes and centerpieces, to music-related giveaways (I wouldn’t be surprised if I chance upon
piezo pickup in one of the lootbags.), everything suits the theme.

Craft Area.

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Party Rock.

Even at a young age, you can already see the kids’ love for music. We attended a music-theme party and from there you could easily see which kids were into music. They composed a band made up of friends and they had keyboards and drum set used in their special performance with the celebrant. Those kids who were into music were actually trying out the instruments, even the one that looks like djembe at guitar center. And some even came in rock star costumes. You could see the theme actually integrated to the whole party. The centerpieces, the cake and even the giveaways were all about music. Kids gotta love parties like that.

Cozy Workspace.

Wish I could transform mine into this.

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Rock It.

Rock Star was the theme of the birthday party we attended last weekend. And we did the photo coverage of the said party too. The party stage looks great, very creatively made. The party has great lighting too. For me the highlight of the party was when the celebrant sang, accompanied by a live band! The bad were made up of friends, one of which was a little boy and he played the drums. It is so inspiring to see a little kid so into music. It even got DH to look into epiphone acoustic guitars. I told him to play more often so as to influence DS.

Dollar Days at P&Co.

Pixels and Company is having their semi-annual Dollar Days.

They have tons of products which you can buy for only $1.

The sale is on until January 31st. So better start filling your carts now.

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